Tuesday, December 18, 2012

DIY // Fancy NYE Hair clips from plain ol' regular clips!

This is a pretty simple DIY to change up old hair clips that you have laying around.  This clip style is definitely not for everyone but I thought it would be a fun idea for New Years Eve.

What we will be making. 

Here is what you will need:

  • Scissors. Small sewing scissors may work best.
  • Glittery buttons.  I ended up using the silver.  You can get these with an assortment of sizes. 
  • Old Hair Clips.
  • Silver Ribbon* (or gold)
  • Silver bead strand
  • Black Fabric.  I used the square fabric that comes already cut.  You can get this in the craft section of Walmart or any fabric store.  It should be pretty reasonable.
  • Glue Gun w/glue sticks*
*not shown in picture because a certain blogger forgot to take a picture of it. Oops. Silly me!


  • Lay out the black fabric and cut it to make it smaller to fit the clip.
  • Take your hair clip and open it up like in the left picture just above.
  • Lay the clip on the edge of the fabric and cut around the fabric a little more to make it a little easier.
  • Then taking your glue gun, you're going to put a small amount of glue around the top of the clip (take it off the fabric to do this).  I say a small amount because you don't want to get it too lumpy.  Right after gluing, you could smooth the fabric down on it just to make sure it's smooth.

  • Trim around the fabric as close to the clip as you can.  If you have smaller sewing scissors, this might be easier to get it as neat as you can.  Mine didn't end up being neat at first but I did take it apart and try again with the extra fabric until I liked the outcome.  Feel free to do this!  Trial and error. 

  • To make the clip with the silver beads, measure out how long your strand is going to be against the clip. Start out just on one side of the clip because it ends up being easier in the long run.  
  • Glue down the first bead and then the last bead that touches the other side of the clip and cut, like in the picture.  This step is important to not put too much glue at first.  if it's not coming out the way you want, take it apart and try again.  
  • After you have one side laid down, do the same with the other side.  I found it easier this way. 
  • Once you have the beads on, go back and put a small amount of glue to hold down the middle beads. 

  • This step is optional but next I took two different size buttons.  TIP: To make sure that the sparkles stay on the button, spray a little hair spray right on it.  Sparkles shouldn't get all over the place after that.  I noticed inside the package, the glitter was already starting to come off!  But so far, the hair spray trick is working for me. 
  • Glue the smaller button on top of the larger button and then glue on the top most part of your clip like in the picture; not the side that opens. 

If you would prefer making the other one, just glue a piece of ribbon to half of the clip like in the picture above.  Or just use a ribbon instead of the fabric.  

I, myself, don't usually wear clips as crazy as these, but I thought it would be fun on New Years Eve! :)

Enjoy and have fun!!

Be creative!  Do your own thing!


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Sophie Scarlett said...

this is super cuteee! Love the idea :')