Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Artsy Fartsy Holiday GIft Guide 2012

Homemade gifts can be a really nice touch if done right and for the right person.  I will admit, not everyone does go for this, so definitely find out first if you think this is the right way to go.

Here are a few ideas this year...
  • Etsy! Not everyone has the time to make something artsy for gifts; that's why I suggest searching through etsy[dotcom] for some ideas. ( i.e. paintings, jewelry, clothes, posters) Support the artists!
  • A Jar of... Anything, really.  Last year I posted the Jar of Optimism where you get a jar and decorate it any way you'd like and fill the insides with small, folded up pieces of paper with positive quotes written/typed on it.  You can create this for the person who needs it the most.
  • Photos! You can take it professionally or you can look through old photos and find a special one for the recipient.  Photos are great to look back on a great memory.  Either have it framed by its self or put together a scrap book page and have that framed! Depending of what you think the person would like best. I may have used this one last year but it's just a classic choice.
  • A Mosaic! All you need to find is a frame, glue (i suggest mod podge) and some mosaic tiles.  You'll be gluing the mosaic tiles on the glass portion on the frame (the inside part, right when you open the back) and be sure you pay attention to the placement of laying down each tile, as when your design is hanging on the wall, it might be backwards. Draw it out first on tracing paper (or trace a photo!) and place that on the glass.  Always, always, always place the pieces down before gluing to make sure it's how you want it.  You can get mosaic tiles at most craft stores, including directions. 

I hope this gave you some ideas for artsy ways for gift ideas this year.  Be sure to check out last years post! :) 

Have fun and good luck!!


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