Thursday, November 1, 2012

Advice for my Teenage Self: Art Edition

I saw something like this going around on youtube so I decided to make a blog version; art related.  Feel free to do this yourself, if you wanted. 

Advice For my Teenage Self: Art related.
  • Do not be afraid of critiques in art class.  They are made to HELP you.  Eventually you will see that you need other people to view your work because it will broaden your mind to other possible ways of doing something.  Oh, and speak up when someone else is talking about their artwork. 
  • Be proud of what you make.  Don't worry if it doesn't look like anyone else's work.  Art is a form of expression.  It doesn't have to look exactly like something. Make what you feel. 
  • Don't buy anymore sketchbooks.  Use the ones you have.  Or atleast finish the ones you have!
  • Be you and no one else.  There's no one like you.  Seriously.
  • A strong portfolio is a thing. 
  • Don't worry.  You'll be more sure of yourself in what you want to do with your life in about 10 years (ish). Have fun and loosen up a bit. 

That was harder than I thought, especially narrowing it down to art related advice.
If anyone has a blog and has/wants to do something like this please share it with me!  I'd love to read it. :)



SymbioticLife said...

Very good advice. I'm not sure what I'd advise my teen self. I'll have to think about it. If I come up with anything I'll let you know. ;) I think it'd probably have something to do with taking care of myself better, ignoring others when they tell you they have all the answers to being successful and happy in life, and trusting my instincts more.

Cindy said...

Great advice!! :)