Wednesday, October 3, 2012

M i r r o r o r r i M + Post-its! // Make your goals known.

created in Adobe Illustrator.

It's one thing to have goals in the back of your mind and hope you reach them.
The problem with this is that it just keeps it in the back of your mind with all of your other thoughts; possibly negative ones affecting whether or not you can reach it. 

So what I have done for myself is I wrote down all the goals (or dreams, that's what dreams are essentially; goals) on post it notes and stuck it all around my mirror so when I wake up and get ready for the day, that's what I see. I think positively and smile as I look at each one.  Even just a glance.  Before I go to bed, during my nightly routine I see the post its.  It's in plan view so it's on your mind and it won't get all caught up inside your thoughts.  It can be calming, reading your goals, telling yourself that you will reach it.  In time, you will reach it. 

Once you reach a goal, cross it off or toss it away.    It seems to help for me.  Try it!


It's mid week!  Smile!

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