Thursday, October 4, 2012

A Peak on Etsy; Halloween Decor

Since Halloween will be here before we know it (WHOA), I've decided to take a peak over on etsy and find a few ideas for Halloween.
I'm not one who likes to be scared on Halloween (I know, I know... a bit odd.. I like dressing up and eating candy, though) but I found a few cute things that would look great.


seller FabulouslyHomemade on etsy.
Garland!!  I love this garland.  It's perfect for a Halloween party and it is totally retro style, in my opinion.


seller fabdecals over on etsy
I thought these were so cool. It really caught my eye because I've never really seen many decals for glasses.  It gives the illusion of a bat in your glass!  

Great way to add little elements among your guests. 


seller HoneysuckleSalvage over on etsy.

Origami is insane!  What a great idea that looks like it took so long to make.  
How cool of an addition would this be to your Halloween party/?


It's mustaches on pumpkins!  How cool!
I would rearrange the mustached pumpkins on steps like each are having a conversation or something juuuuuust because I'm a little odd. :) 


seller SentimentalFavorites on etsy

This sort of reminds me of something that would be in a castle so, of course, I had to include!  With some fake spider webs draped over this a bit, it would look so nice inside the house during a Halloween party!

Even without fake spider webs!  


seller SawDust Market on etsy
Last but not least, these rustic candles!  I love how one says 'Eek.'!  Quite appropriate.  (:  

I love the distressed look. Even during the day time when the candles are unlit, these candles make a great decor!


These are just a few great decor items for a Halloween party from etsy!  So many wonderfully, creative items over there.  Just search!  Support the Artists


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