Friday, October 5, 2012

The Artsy Fartsy Way of Life. // Fabulous Friday

So why did I choose the name (I am) Artsy Fartsy?

On this edition of Fabulous Friday, I think it's time to explain the meaning of an Artsy Fartsy way of life, as I put it in my (new) about page in the links up there ^.

I looked up the definition of Artsy Fartsy on google and surprisingly I found that I saw many where it states that it means 'trying to hard to be creative'.  That's silly.

There are so many different ways in life you can go.  So many choices to choose from.  Am I picking the right one?  What if I should have done that?  The Artsy Fartsy way of life is in my mind the creative way.  

You saw that coming, didn't you? 

Yeah, I know.  Kiiiind of predictable but creativity is all around you and you just have to embrace it.

Anything can be creative.  Do you paint your nails?  Creative.  Even just picking out your clothes in the morning can be a creative act, not just choosing an odd outfit.  You have a new place and you need to get some furniture ....guess what?  Creative. Even if you get simple items, it's still creativity.  Listen to the sound of you typing on your keyboard next time.  Just listen.

Creativity is all around us and I think it's important to embrace it even if you aren't an artist.   When I put together this blog, I wanted it to be for anyone to be inspired and become Artsy Fartsy.  I did also want to get used to putting my art out there.  That is big when you are/want to be an artist.

That's why the Arts is important to keep funded but I'll get into that in a new blog post some time. :)

So, I am Artsy Fartsy.  I embrace my creativity.

Do you?


Have a Fabulous Friday!!

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