Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Artist Confessions // too.. many.. projects...

Hi.  My name is Cindy and I take on too.. many.. projects. 

In the past year I've started on so many different art projects from knitting to jewelry making to painting.   Now this can be good... Variety is the spice of life, but I have FOUR unfinished canvas paintings, TWO unfinished scarves,  bunches of beads/wire/cord just waiting to be made into a piece of jewelry and ideas all lined up in my blackberry; which includes poster design.  

It gets to be a bit overwhelming when it comes to the day I set aside for creative work.  Whenever I get an idea, I want to jump right into it and put aside the things I've been working on!  

I know... I need to make a promise that I will finish some of these.  Especially the paintings, as those take up the most space.  

Although, half way through worrying about finishing these projects...I realize that it's ok that I have many unfinished ones and lots of ideas.  It's ok because atleast I am not creatively blocked and my imagination is working over overdrive. 

 One thing I really dislike immensely is creative block.  You go crazy to trying to come up with just ONE idea. AaaasAAaah! Insane. 

So this is one confession that I am ok with .....but I really need to work on. 


If you're an artist, how do you get through your projects and ideas? 

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