Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Halloween. The Artsy, Non-Scary Costumes!

I just love browsing Etsy for homemade costumes!  Some of these costumes are extraordinary.  I love the idea of making costumes.  Supporting those artists who make costumes.  Yes, I have bought my costumes online or at Walmart, especially if I was in a rush.  Sometimes it's expensive to go out and buy things to make your costume with,  definitely, but you just have to shop around a bit.  Look online for good priced supplies and at local craft stores.  I am currently in the middle of making my costume but don't worry!  I'm planning on sharing what it is I've created.  Hopefully before Halloween. :)

Time to show you the costumes I've loved while browsing etsy...

Glamtastik on etsy.

Such a gorgeous burlesque dress! I can only imagine the time it took to make this.. 

I love this idea!  A fancy zebra hat; so snazzy and artsy!

NeverbugCreations on etsy.

Of course I have to include this costume!  
I simply love this Cinderella costume and to think that it's homemade is in-cred-i-ble!
I would love a dress like this and not necessarily for Halloween. :)

Go ahead and browse around etsy. So many great costumes at all different prices.  Try making your costume this year! 
Or support visual artists and purchase one of their creations. :) 

If you do end up making your costume, I would love to see pictures!  
Just tweet 'em to me.  Click on the tweet button up at the top. 


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