Monday, September 17, 2012

Weekly Inspiration // Through Pictures

picture from artists inspire artists.

I love pictures and paintings that tell a story ...or rather that could tell a story.  This picture above I found through the Artists Inspire Artists facebook page and it's so mesmerizing; I find myself lost in thought sometimes as I look at it.  What is beyond that fog?  Who is the person standing way back there?  Just after a rain storm in the middle of fall, perhaps.

It gets your imagination moving and to possibly get ideas of your own.  When you look at it in full (click on the image), you can see the brush strokes more, which i love and it makes me want to experiment with different brush strokes of my own.

Don't be too afraid to "get lost" in a painting or a photo for a little bit.  Or sit down somewhere outside and just gaze at the nature around you.


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