Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Posters! What fun!! Visual Artist Support!

Recently I remember when I was still in college getting my degree in graphic design, I wanted to become a poster designer.  I guess with the stress of trying to find a full time job (atleast somewhat related to my degree) I had forgotten about this.  Now that I am working full time and doing my art on the side, I guess it's the right time.  I feel like I am now free to really concentrate on my art without having 'the worry' of supporting myself.  Now I just have to find the time. Oh boy. 

I've heard about this site before but this weekend I --sort of-- came by it again. I don't know why I never really signed up for it.  It seems like a great way to promote the visual artist.

I decided to keep my society6 store the same name as this blog.  Unification at its prime. :) ...is unification even a word??   I still have my etsy store, of course.  Society6 is nice because I feel like it's geared toward the print designer.  

Right now the site is having free shipping through September 16!  Just go to the link below to qualify for that:  
Support your favorite artists.  There's music artists and visual artists.  We both create.  We both need supporting. :)


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