Wednesday, September 26, 2012

.take me to another world. // Book Haul

I've decided to do something a little different.  Sometimes the best way to find inspiration is to take a step back from your work and relax.  One idea I may have is to do some reading.  No, not art book reading.  I mean good ol' story book reading!

Nonono.. No groans aloud.

I like to have a few books to choose from.  Books can take you anywhere.  Expand your mind into thinking about a setting and possibly even give you inspiration!  Ha, you probably knew I was going there, huh? :)

I'll share a few books that I'm reading and you feel free to do the same.  I love to see if there are any books I haven't heard of that I may like!

Let's jump right into it...

image from goodreads.

This is one book where I really didn't know anything about.  I read the back and it seemed pretty chick-lit like (I define 'chick-lit' like a romantic comedy movie but in book form, ha). Although I haven't read too much of it, it shows promise!

In the caption below the image to the left, I put the goodreads link which will tell you more about the book.

It's about two ladies who were great friends but something tore them apart and now it's there twentieth reunion.

I think it's just going to be a fun book but we shall see!

image from goodreads.

I heard Entwined was fairytale like and I am excited to keep reading this one.  I pretty much just started this one so I don't have much to say about it.

image from goodreads. 

I wanted to start reading more of the classic novels and ever since this youtube modern adaption of Pride and Prejudice surfaced, I've been super excited to read this.

I know, I'm late.  Better late than never, I say! (:

Check out the youtube modern adaption, the first  link is to the playlist where you can start from the beginning;

That is all for now!  Any book requests just let me know below in the comments or via twitter.  I love getting book recommendations (I love chick-lits and fantasies best!).

What are you reading?

Oh!  And JK Rowling's new book "The Casual Vacancy" comes out on Thursday.  Add that to my list. ;)
(Yes, I love the Harry Potter series.)


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