Thursday, September 27, 2012

A look into my IdeaBerry...

I always ran into the problem of coming up with a great artsy  idea for a project but never being able to write it down before I forget it.  So to save time of going crazy later trying to remember this amazing, great artsy fartsy idea, I started to put a list inside my BlackBerry.

I'm sure many people do this but for those of you who may not of thought of it (like myself about a few months ago), this might be a good tip.

And many people now-a-days seem to have smart phones.
Thankfully I don't have a 'Siri' to talk to me on my phone.  I don't know ...have a phone talk to you seems the phone is a person... but it's not.  If a voice was coming from my phone, I'd rather it be from someone I called (..or if someone called me haha, that's a funny one).  Of course, if I had an iPhone, I probably would forget all of what I just typed.

ANYWAY, how did I get on this tangent?  Oh, boy...  this was supposed to be a fast little post. 

Onto my screen grabs!!

I am continuously making a new memo and adding in current memos.  All I know is if you have a memo in your phone (which post phones seem to) I totally recommend a 'positive' section where you put as many favorite quotes and inspirational things in there as you can.  When you're feeling down or could really use a 'pep talk' and you're by yourself ...just go into your phone and there you go.  

Well, it's been fun!  Hope all you lovely readers are doing well.  


My cat does not look impressed.  That's because he doesn't have a smart phone.
Or maybe because I constantly take pictures of him. #crazycatlady 

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