Friday, September 28, 2012

Fabulous Friday .::. What are you meant to do?

Throughout your life, you probably have noticed that you're dreams probably have changed.  Maybe you're one of those lucky ones who has always had one certain dream.  Good for you!

There's a reason why it took me a little while to finish up college.  I didn't know what my dream was.  I kept bouncing back between designing and fine art.  One where finding a job might be a bit easier and the other not so much.
Between thinking realistically and dreams.  This scared me because I want to have a job where I can be happy in and love what I'm doing.   I'm sure you want that too, no?  I mean, who wouldn't.  The thing is now-a-days, most people just want to find a job and start making money.  I am like this; I'm not going to lie.  From the time I graduated college to now, I just wanted to find something.

Sure I do have a full time job now and I don't hate it.  This is a huge plus.
However there's something missing in it.

I know what my dream is.  I'm not sure how to get there but I'm sure it'll be a crazy adventure trying.
I'm not going to give up, though.  Neither should you.  We have each other and if we struggle, so what!  We're going to get to where we want.

Why can't dreams become reality?

I want to just make art.  Be able to support myself just making art.  I want to inspire people.
Art has always been a hobby of mine even when I was younger and knowing that I still love it now means something.

What kind of Art you ask?
Well, painting is cool.
So is Adobe Illustrator.  I like posters.

All I know is that this is what I want to do; What I need to do.  It's what I'm meant to do.
My path getting there is just not the most straight one.  A few detours along the way.

I know I'm not the best, though.
I'll keep getting better.

Have a Fabulous Friday!


What is one thing that you know you want to keep doing?

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