Friday, December 30, 2011

An Artist's New Years Resolutions

The new year is among us and everywhere I see people tweeting/blogging/speaking of new years resolutions, so I figured I would come up with a few similar to this style, except for artists.  If you aren't an artist, feel free to state what your new years resolutions are! If you feel these are stupid, state that, as well!  I know, with me, I always say I'm going to make some, but a couple of weeks into the new year, I'm just going back to my usual ways.  ...yeah.  Let's change that, shall we?

Here are some New Years Resolutions for the artist in you:

Use what you have.  Only spend your hard earned money on supplies that you absolutely need.  Try to use items around you for a new art piece that you are working on

Step out of your comfort zone.  Some of the best artworks come from something personal.  Dig a little deeper. (Hey, like that song from the Disney movie, Princess and the Frog!  Ok.. no more disney similarities...)

If you aren't in a job that isn't as creative as you would like (yet)... Treat your art like it's a job.  Not saying that you should quit the job that supports you financially, but treat your art as a creative job on the weekends, or days off.  Of course do not give up on finding that full time creative position that you want!  Keep looking, keeping sending out resumes, keep positive.  It will come when it's your time.

More ways for finding inspirationNeeding to plow through that artist block? Get in the habit of carrying around a small journal to write or sketch in.  Draw/write what you see.  You'll concur that block. 

If you have any resolutions, feel free to share! Doesn't have to be 'artist' related. :)
Maybe, just maybe I'll make a post in a month or so stating whether, or not I've actually done any of these.

Have a great weekend and start to 2012!


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