Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Very Pinteresting...

Getting ideas from pinterest!  Ok, so I don't use it often, but I like how you can get inspiration from this site.  Here, let me show ya!

Source: via Cindy on Pinterest

Gorgeous letters!  It looks like all these words are drawn, too... hmm.. inpsiring!

I really like these jars for tea lights below. Such a creative and good use for jars.

You probably know I'm a fan of nail art now, huh?
Well, I don't know how she did this, but I love it!  It's, like, typography for your nails!  I love it.  I have no clue how this would get done, but it's fun to look at, though.. huh?

This next picture from pinterest is a bracelet that I absolutely love!  I love to try and figure out how some jewelry is made.  It just fascinates me and this one is gorgeous.  I'd buy it for myself!

That's all for now.  Hope you feel inspired now.
Have a great week!


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