Friday, November 18, 2011

Patience, my friend. Patience.

Hey, everyone!

Nothing too special in today's post.  I've been working on this watercolor of Cinderella's castle for awhile.  I had to toss a first 'draft' because it was.. icky.  With painting, I haven't had the knack for getting the whole detailing thing down.  That'll take time, I think.  Oh, and patience.  haha, yeah, patience.  Usually when I want to try to paint, the only thing I can think of to paint it Cinderella's Castle.  Why is that?  Because I am a crazy Disney World fanatic.  Yeah, sorry.

As I try to hone my watercolor skills, please do lend me some tips down below in the comments.  As far as creating something, all you need to do is have the passion and enjoy it.  There is no pleasing everybody.  Do what you enjoy and everything should fall into place. 
I hope everyone has been well!  I just wanted to say that I have finally reached 10 followers via Google Friend Connect (in the right bar)!  Thank you so much! 

Almost the first week of December... Hopefully good things in store..  (and no, I do not mean the cold weather.  Yuck.  Hm, maybe I should illustrate a palm tree next..)

Later gator!


"Keep Calm and Make Some Art"

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Hilla Hryniszyn said...

i love watercolor art
i always use a method of glazing, to achieve the richness of color and dimension( glazing is dry on dry) but if u want to spend less time use method wet on wet, try to look at subjects to see it in bold shapes and place them on paper, they will blend beautifully
we share the same passion for art