Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Inspiration through pictures! Jewelry Edition.

As you may know if you are a frequent visitor to my blog, or read my tweets on twitter, I have been on a jewelry making kick lately.  I tend to get inspiration by looking at other pieces and seeing if I can put my own spin on one of my own.

Yellow Gold Plated Sterling Silver Multi-Gemstone Necklace, 17"
This Y necklace on has gorgeous colors that please your eye, well, my eye, anyway. :)

Sometimes even browsing the shops on etsy strikes some inspiration or an idea for a gift for someone! This shop has some nice pieces for wrap bracelets:

1928 Jewelry Jet Beaded Y Drop Necklace

Or vintage!! 
27 Pcs Vintage Jewelry Lot Destash..Creamy Pearly Bits and Pieces for Crafts..Wedding Assemblage..Mixed Media..
Check out some of her other great stuff, while you're there!

What are some of your favorite jewelry?
What are ways that YOU look for inspiration?

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