Friday, March 18, 2011

Project 4: "When Words Fail, Music Speaks" painting

I'm not the best painter around, but I did take a painting class a couple of years ago and I found that I kind of love it.  This one was the first that I actually liked.  Not really much too it, but I enjoyed it, nonetheless.

Full View (i spy a furry little creature in the corner above painting.)
I decided to not paint the mouth because the point of the quote is that when you have no words, music is supposed to do the speaking.  Unless you sing, but I don't sing.  Therefore my mouth is not there. :] It's more of a dream sequence type of painting, so it's not realistic looking.  This is painted on a stretched canvas (I stretched and gessoed it myself!) about 24 x 30 inches.
up close of upper left corner

up close of upper right corner

Too be honest, I forgotten all about this painting.  I was just drawing something else when I looked to the corner of my room and saw it and something in my head told me, "Hey!  That should go in your blog!"  

Thanks for checking out some of my work!
Also thank you for following this blog! [:  Means a lot.

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