Monday, February 10, 2014

HOW TO [DIY]: Change up those boring storage containers!! PART 1

Why, hello there creative people! :D

I bring YOU today (FINALLY) a new DIY how to project!  

You know those tupperware storage containers drawers 
that are super practical but kind of ugly?

Yeah... I've been wanting to do this for sometime.  

Here is the storage compartment that I am working on...

The top shelf holds my make up.
The rest holds arts and crafts supplies.  Of course.. :)

I started to take off the stickers on each but it wasn't coming off completely...
What I SHOULD have done was use a little bit of water 
and a scrub to take it off ..or some of that Goo-Gonebut I didn't.  
I'll work around it.  
Just to let you know, it will come out the best if it's removed.

The next thing that I did was....

I chose the kind of glitter I wanted to use (silver) 
and I grabbed some Mod Podge...
mixing both up on a piece of palette paper 
with my paint brush.  

Don't be too stingy with the glitter

NEXT I opened each of the drawers before 
painting on the glittered Mod Podge.
(This just makes it easier not to get anything 
on the sides that I don't want glitter on.
I'm ONLY painting it on the drawers and NOT
the handles.  The clear part of the drawers.)

(I didn't empty the drawers... probably wouldn't be a bad idea, too... But I'm a silly goose)


Now is the boring part.  
I waited for it to dry... a few hours just to be safe.

This is after only one coat.  
I went back in afterwards & added more 
but you'll have to wait until 
the next part to see 
the outcome... :)

I promise not to be too long!

i hope.


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