Monday, March 25, 2013

To Help You To Be Creative!

Being creative can be easy.  You pretty much have to want to be creative.

If you want to be creative...

•  Think about how to do something in a different way.  In need of organizing your desk?  Think about different ways making a storage container.  

• Think outside of the box.

• Take a stroll down the craft section of a store ...or even the stationary section.  Look for a product and try and imagine what you could make out of it. 

• Reading; just anything, really.   Especially if the book takes you to another reality.  This gets your mind off of what your normal routine might be.  

• Find craft blogs and read about what types of projects they have been doing!  Give it a try. 

There are definitely so many ways to be creative and I only touched on a few.


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