Thursday, March 21, 2013


Why, hello there everyone!  Can you believe that it is ALREADY Thursday?!

Lately I have been wanting to stencil something.  I really have never played around in this but with the help of google, pinterest and watching those shows on HGTV ...I really love some of the outcomes of stenciling.

My first project with this is a throw pillow....

I only used one stencil for this design.  I used to have this scrap-booking kit from when I was into that and a couple of days ago, I found a heart stencil left over from it.  It was made out of paper (not card stock but thicker than regular paper ...if that makes sense) but it could most definitely be used as a stencil! Why not make your stencils out of a thick paper? Might be fun! :)

Figuring out the way I wanted the design on the pillow was pretty easy so all I had to get was fabric paint and something to apply it with..
I painted on the heart, the two lines next to it and soon realized that I wanted a gold outline around the heart.  So I used a skinny paintbrush that I already had laying around...  Don't need a stencil for that but I love that it ties everything and looks a little more finished.

 When stenciling pillows, it is a good idea to tape or pin down the stencil as best you can to avoid the paint from going on messy (once you remove the stencil).  If the pins or tape ends up not working out that well for you, hold down the stencil firmly with your other hand in the spot you are painting first and follow your painting hand as you hold as you hold it down.  

I'm pretty happy with the outcome.  As much as I liked the pillow before, I really like it now; it's a nice piece of decor.  

Hope you enjoyed!

I found some of the products I used online pretty cheap:


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