Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Tie Dye Nails!

I think you will either love or hate this nail design.  I wanted to try something new this week...  Something I haven't done...  So I decided to use two colors and kind of ...mix the two on the nail.

Ok, that's confusing, I'm sure.  Let me tell you and show you.

 See what I mean?  It's funky but I can see how someone may not like it.  If you want something different, give it a try!

Now I tell you how I got this look.  It's pretty easy.

1.) First pick out the two colors of nail polish you wish to use... of course. 

2.) Before you start get a couple of q-tips and cut off the ends.  Trust me, it's best to do this now.
Also have a plain piece of paper or paper towel out.  

3.) With your first color, paint only a portion of your nail and don't worry if it's even and neat.  
That's not what you're going for. 


4.)  Next, take your second color and paint on the other part of your nail that you left blank.

If you get the colors mixing, don't worry.  Just clean off the brush on the paper or paper towel.  

5.) Still BEFORE YOUR NAIL DRIES, take your q-tip that you previously cut off the tops
and kind of swirl and play with the polish on your nails. I, personally, much just made lines back and forth. 

6.) Next take each color of nail polish (with just a little bit on your brush) and just clean up the q-tip lines a bit. 
go back and forth between each color until you like what you see, cleaning your brushes after each time, of course.

6.) Repeat with each nail. 

6.) Let dry and add a top coat. 

*Nail polish I used:
JulieG "GiftWrapped" 
Nicole by OPI "Daffy Dill"

*Colors in photos may not give it justice.
It is a bit darker in person.

Enjoy and good luck!

Be creative and artsy! It just might brighten your day. 


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