Tuesday, February 19, 2013

DIY Bracelet Cuffs w/ all Ribbons!

Why, hello there!! :)  On this fine day, I bring you a new DIY!
This one is using different kinds of ribbons to make a bracelet cuff!  
As you probably could tell, the pictures above will be the final outcome.

Let's hop right into it!

Step 1: Materials

The items you will need are the following...

ONE roll of wire ribbon --make sure it's wide (top left-- I used gold).
Sew-On Snaps (top right).
ANY assortment of ribbons (bottom row-- the bottom right is left over ribbon from wrapping Christmas gifts!)
Hot Glue Gun (not pictured).
Scissors (not pictured).

Step 2: Measure the wire ribbon around your wrist and cut 
and cut the desired length.  

Feel free to leave a little extra just in case.
where you can print a measuring tape to measure your wrist and then you know exactly 
how many inches to make your bracelet! :)

Step 3: Place and Glue your desired ribbon wherever you want it.

I placed my ribbon on the sides in both these images but I also
made one where the ribbon is in the middle.  Be creative!
Use more than one thin ribbon!

Glue carefully down each ribbon.  
Though I found that it was easier to lay down the glue all at once in a 
straight line and lay down the ribbon right after.

If the glue gets a little messy, just leave it to dry. 
Best part of hot glue is that it is pretty easy to peal off unnecessary spots once it is dried. 

Don't forget the top piece to give it a finished look. 

Step 4: The snaps!

The snaps are sew-on but we will not be doing that.  
With snaps, one end goes on the ribbon side and one goes on the back side of the other end,
as shown in the picture above.

All you need is a dap of hot glue for each.

Step 4: Enjoy!

If you wanted to make the bow instead of the snaps, like the purple, before you glue the ribbon down, 
just extend a good amount of ribbon out.
Always more than planned because you can always cut away. 

Be creative with your ribbon placement!

Have fun and good luck!


Feel free to let me know how the directions are!
It will definitely help me to improve on more DIY's.
Was it clear?

Thanks! :)

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