Wednesday, December 5, 2012

How Rejection can help your Creativity

Reading through my email earlier, I ran across this article on behance[dot]net that was really inspiring and it helped me write this post on how rejection can spur your creativity even further.

When you didn't get that job you wanted, or that art piece didn't make it into the gallery you were hoping for, or your book got rejected from all the publishing companies that you sent it too --whatever your circumstance-- don't get discouraged.  Use that feeling to make your work better than ever before.  Strive to not give up.

If you respond to that rejection in a negative way, you aren't doing anything to help yourself.  If anything, you'll be moving backwards.  Do not feel sorry for yourself.

All rejection should do is make you rethink another possible way of doing things.
There is another way to get to your goal.

All I know is, do not get discouraged.

Check out the behance article.  It really is a good read.
It's at the link below.



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