Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Artist Confessions

Hello!  So, I haven't posted an Artist Confessions in quite some time but I felt it was time for one. :)
Being an artist, I want to be able to support myself making art.  Most artists want this, though, am I right? 

The thing is's super confusing to figure this out.  How does one even begin at this?  I never was much of a painter but I am now.  I love to design posters; didn't figure this out until a few years ago ...ish.  
If I figured out these two things years ago would things be different?  

But I know better than to think about what could have happened.  You can't dwell on things that happened.  
You can only work hard on the things you are doing NOW.  

And that is what I will do. 


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