Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Visual Artists and Music Artists.

Visual artists and music artists; both very similar.

We both use the creative way of thinking.  

This weekend as I was checking trending topics on twitter, I ran across one about listing your top favorite artists ...or something like that.  I probably shouldn't be too surprised that everyone was tweeting music artists but I still wonder sometimes why visual artists don't tend to come up in peoples mind when a topic like that comes up.  Music artists do get more recognition, yes, most definitely.  Maybe people can connect with them more.  I connect with some;  I love playing music in the background while I paint, make crafts, etc. I love finding new talented musicians to listen to.

Just don't forget about us, visual artists.  There are so many out there.
Visit museums, galleries, and google.  Even youtube.
Painters and designers. Sculptors...

Have a great Wednesday!
Half way point.  We can do it!


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