Friday, November 9, 2012

Fabulous Friday! Upcoming ideas... and why I like Glee.

Hello everybody!

So I'm sure some of you know that I am a fan of Glee; like huge!  Why am I such a big fan of the show?  So many reasons.  First the show highlights the Arts. Sure, mostly the music programs and not too much on the visual side of things but it's still the ARTS, which is all the same, as I've mentioned this week.

And second, it kind of gives you hope that maybe dreams can come true.  That you're goals can be reached.
There's also fantastic lines the writers include.

But anyway, I thought today I would give you all a heads up on what I've been planning next for Artsy Fartsy; not to give too much away but I am excited about the possibilities on this blog.

If you noticed recently, I added a DIY tab to the links at the top.  Yes, I am most definitely going to look into doing more (easy) DIY's.  Those are SO FUN to put together!  Hopefully the idea I have for Thanksgiving will turn out fine.

With the Holidays approaching us, I am planning on putting up Artsy Fartsy Gift Ideas.  I did this last year and I feel it went well. Of course, last year I was not blogging daily; actually, just once in a while.   Maybe you might say it's too early to put up a gift idea post but if you are planning on creating some artsy gifts, I would most definitely start early.  It takes time to put together the perfect gift.

More works in progress pieces!  I want to share my work more.  Not to mention, it helps get my butt in gear to work harder.

Lastly, promotion.  Especially with facebook. Yes, I have a facebook account for this blog but I have a hard time promoting myself on their.  I'm a twitter girl, most definitely.  My goal is to grow that page; facebook, that is. If I am serious about this blog, I should, right?

So if you could please support Artsy Fartsy over there: 

I want to reach out to others who enjoy art, other artists or just crafty people.  So please help me in doing this.

I know, not much of a post for today but I hope you all have a fabulous friday!  Don't forget to smile and tell doubt to stay far, far away!


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