Thursday, August 23, 2012

Works In Progress [ w i p ] // M o n o c h r o m a t i c blue & sparkly WATER?

So I started this series a couple of months ago thinking I was going to post every week.  I should have known this wouldn't have happened.  You see, I don't always have the inspiration to paint.  I usually would rather focus my energy into creating something else that I have a better idea for and once I get the inspiration back for this painting, I'd continue it.

 Anywho, after that long intro I shall get into it!  If you wanted to compare what I did in the last post to this post view feel free to [here].

I definitely want to stick with the monochromatic theme going on.  I want to keep with the 'cool' feeling because the sparkles [to me] helps it to feel a little more magical-like.

What do you think... Do you think it needs more glitter?  I may add more glitter throughout the new strand of random ....water?  I don't know really why I decided to make it look like it was pouring into the glittery abyss.  I thought it needed something to tie both sections (top and bottom) together.  Just know, more depth will be added to that part.

As you can see by this picture to the left while you are reading this, I snuck in my usual 'make art'.  Instead of having it with just normal letters, it needed to be more artsy with the use of the brush strokes.

Just wanted to update you on what progress I have made with this.

So far I like where it's going.  When I am complete with this, I will explain my artist statement for this painting. :)  Keep checking back!!


*Colors may differ slightly from original artwork on the canvas due to your computer screen and taking the picture and editing a bit due to poor lighting from taking the picture.

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