Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Without You.

So I don't normally post things at night like this but I wanted to share this cover.  Not really much to do with artsy but music is still an art form.

Lately I have been loving these two guys and their music.  So here you go.

"Without You" cover.
Luke Conard and Landon Austin.

Leave them a comment and tell them Miss Artsy Fartsy sent you. haha, they'd be so confused.
Of course I don't think I get enough readers to make a splash.  Maybe a slow leisurely trickle.

Hope you enjoyed this evening music.

Have a nice rest of the week and remember ...Smile.  Smiling is known to boost confidence.  Well, I'm not sure but it sure does make one feel better and could change around someone else's day if you smile toward someone.  Try it.

stay creative.

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