Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Custom Made Bracelets!

Each piece of jewelry I create is different but I really wanted something in my shop that is custom made.  Something that YOU pick out:  the size and colors.  Here is a breakdown...

Each bracelet is specially made the way you'd like.

• Pick a size! Use measuring tape to size your wrist if you don't know what size. 
You can google some printable ones (like this one: 

• Pick a color! Any color, but 2-3 piece of ribbon. The more ribbon you have, the chunkier the style bracelet you have. If you choose one of those gold glittery ribbons, that would add to the chunky style. The picture of the ribbons above is just to show what kind I am using. 

And viola! It'll take me 1-2 days to put together and I will even send you a picture of the final product before I ship.

Made with a toggle clasp.

Each bracelet is 7 dollars a piece but as you know, I have sales all the time.  Right now, a 25% off sale when you enter 'SPRING2012' at checkout.  This ends next week, but you better believe I'll be having another one. I like saving people money. 

I am not yet shipping internationally but before you start getting all angry with me ...I am looking into it!  So please keep checking back.  Follow this blog with your email, favorite my shop, etc.  

Anywho!  That is all for tonight.  No.. more.. self promotion for awhile. 

stay creative.

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