Tuesday, March 27, 2012

DIY Easy Peasy Headbands for Spring!

Today I am going to show you this super fast, super easy, pretty cheap way of making a cute spring headband.
Here is what you need:

Sew on snaps.  I purchased a pack, ended up being cheaper. 

A roll of garland that can be found at your local fabric store with the ribbon, probably. 
Might be under another name.
A needle and thread.  Not pictured above.

Ribbon. Optional, any color would do. 

The finale outcome/sizes.  Directions below.
1.) Wrap your choice of garland around your head for sizing.  Before cutting, be sure to leave a little extra, just in case.  You can always trim after you add the snaps.  When you size it up, try it either across your forehead or right on the top of your hair by your hairline.  Which ever you like best. 

2.) Cut when you have the right size and discard left over garland in a separate pile.  You won't be needing it anymore.

3.) If you want the ribbon underneath:  Spread out the ribbon on garland and measure out the ribbon to be about the same size or a little smaller than the garland.  I actually sewed on the snaps before sewing the ribbon on, but if you sew the ribbon on first, it makes it a little easier. 

In the picture also, you can kind of see my stitches. (This is the back, anyway!) 

I sewed a stitch on each flower until the end.  I was hoping the yellow would peak through a bit.  It does a little, but not as much as I planned originally.  All depends on the garland you choose. 

4.) Place (not sew yet!!) the snaps on where you think it would be best
In the above picture, you'll see that I put the snap not on the last flower (or is it a butterfly?) but on the second one. I like to have the little extra for some reason.  

5.) This is when you want to measure again on your head and be sure where you want it to snap. Hold the spot with your hand and trim away what ever you don't want, if you haven't yet.  

6.) Sew the snap in place repeating on each end. 
On the package that my snaps came on, there were instructions on how to do this, but it's really quite simple. Just sew threw the holes until it's fastened.  The snaps come fastened in the package, also.  Just to let you know. :) :)  For the black and gold headband, when I went to trim it, it seemed to fray a bit.. so I put some clear nail polish at the ends and it seemed to help. 

And there you go!  A new easy-peasy headband!
Oh, yeah.. My bangs are shorter now. Eep. 

Enjoy. (The head band that you just created, not my bangs.)

Be creative with it!  I was thinking about adding some ribbon or fringe to the edge so that it drapes over my shoulder.  If you tried this please share below!  I'd love to see what you came up with. :) :)

Add your own spin to it. 

Be Creative.

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