Monday, December 26, 2011

Been awhile + Jar of Optimism

Well, hello there!  It's been awhile. 

I've wanted to post something in the past couple of weeks, but we've been short-handed at work and it's been crazy busy.  Also, the projects I've been working on has been Christmas gifts.  Of course, I forgot to take pictures of the snazzy 'Cindy-fied' knitted scarves before wrapping them.  I'll have to knit one quickly sometime and post it.  What I did with these scarves was knit the 'eyelash' yarn and regular yarn (is there a better name for it?) together I think it went together well.

For one gift that I do have a picture of, which is a Christmas present for a friend (she doesn't have it yet.. I am refraining from posting this on facebook until she opens it) is the Jar of Optimism.   "What is this 'Jar of Optimism'?" you may ask? Well, it's a jar that has a much of inspirational quotes inside that you can keep on your dresser/table/wherever and when you are feeling down, open the jar and read a quote. 

I got the inspiration from this jar from this video and just tweeked it a bit.  Added a bit of my own flair.

I'm thinking that I should have made the tag a little smaller, huh? Next time.

One last week of 2011 left!  Enjoy it and make it worth it. :) 
I, for one, am in full swing of 'Get That Full Time Job in My Field By the New Year'.  Positive thoughts, please!

Hope everyone has a great Christmas.


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StarsHollow said...

I use this when ever I am feeling down. I actually used to today. It is sitting in a spot of honnor besides Hello Kitty some old and a beautiful chinese treasure box. I love it so much and I love you too. You are so awesome and I loved both gifts (just noticed you posted them now.)