Saturday, November 5, 2011

Jewelry Craze.

Well, kind of...  While waiting to hear about a possible job offer, I've been putting my creativity to the test.  This week I have come up with 2 different necklaces and 2 different bracelets.  I had tweeted earlier about making 3 necklaces, but one I am planning on taking apart-- not too happy with it so you will not see that one here yet. :)

*click on images to view larger*

Both necklaces are on the longer side.  Both bracelets do not have a clasp.  Instead each are made with an elastic clear cord.  The two images on the second row are the same, one is just a close up. 

I'm never sure what to do with the jewelry after making them.  Yes, some I keep, some I give away as gifts, but I always think about selling them.  Do you think these would sell?

I have a watercolor painting to post soon, but not sure when this will be. 

Have a great weekend!


Pattie M said...

Relly nice!! :) I would deffinetly buy them. I really like the necklaces. Don't forget Christmas is coming......

Anonymous said...

Nice job Cindy! I think u should check with some local hair salons.. They often times will let local artisians display their jewelry in the shops to sell. Worth a shot!!! Good luck

Cassidy Robinson said...

Great job, Cindy! I like the top right one! Very artsy. :)