Monday, April 1, 2013

Top 3 Ways To Help You Make Art.

3 Ways To Help You Make Art

• Keep thinking of a creative idea to top the last.  Don't settle for 'just ok'

• Don't worry about what people will say when they see your work.
You're an artist; chances are your work WILL be seen by someone somewhere down the line.
Just make what YOU are PROUD of.

• Have a book with you; whether it be for sketching or writing.
Jotting down an idea you might have is just the first step... even if the idea might change over time.
Sometimes I start with a sketch and soon enough, I get on my computer and the idea is pretty different.

I was thinking about these this weekend.  
Hope it helps a little bit in your Art making! :)

This laso does not have to be visual art, either. 


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