Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Simple Elegance French Tip Nail Design!

Hello everyone!

I'm never sure if I should put all of my nail designs up when it is very simple but nail designs/art seem to be pretty popular on here and I do enjoy sharing what I come up with.  So here is another look!

This week I wanted to just do a french tip because it's fast and can look really nice with the right colors!
The purple I used it "Passion" from the JulieG collection which I am loving right now! It's a really pretty shimmery purple.  

No matter what you are doing throughout the day, you do end up looking at your hands a few times.  You may not realize this at first but you do.  Why not look down and possibly make your mood happier just by liking the color or design on your nails? 

Try this style with your favorite colors!  Maybe for springtime? :)

Have fun and good luck!


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