Monday, March 11, 2013

The Recycled Nail Polish Bottle Vase: a DIY.

Hey everyone! 

Sometimes it takes awhile for me to actually finish an entire nail polish bottle; I think because I just have SO MUCH in my collection.  Although, recently I ran out of a (my favorite) light pink shade and for a couple of weeks I was googling and trying to come up with what I can do with this!

A couple of ideas came up on my google search but not too many actual ideas and I really didn't see many tutorials on how to create something.  So,  finally, I decided to create a small vase/table top decoration.  I really like how this came out and it is just perfect for spring time!

Here is what we will be making....

You Will Need:

• Empty nail polish bottle
           ....with nail polish remover, 
                                        ....q-tips, cotton rounds, paper towels..

•Paint; I used acrylic.  
                        ....also, a paint brush, some water, 
                                 ....and palette paper or a paper towel...

• Ribbon

•Glitter of your choice.

•A faux flower

•Scissors (probably)

•A small funnel/paper funnel

First thing...:

Cleaning out the nail polish bottle.

This was pretty difficult.  I started laying down a couple of paper towels with q-tips and
cotton rounds handy.  I wouldn't just poor in the nail polish remover and dump down the drain.

I started by pouring a bit of nail polish remover in the bottle, closing it up and shaking. 
I emptied a little onto a pile of cotton rounds (CAREFULLY) and paper towels to absorb 
and repeated pouring more remover into the bottle. 

Taking a q-tip, I started to scrap some left over nail polish out of the bottle
and just kept at this until it was empty and clean. 

Then I took the labels off and washed the whole thing is water. 


Now it is time to paint your nail polish bottle!

I used what I had;  this acrylic paint called Opera Rose by Winsor & Newton Galeria.

I recommend laying down a paper palette to keep your work area clean.
(or a paper towel.)

Mixing some water with your paint, I find does work best. 
I started with one coat and then sprinkled a little glitter on top of the bottle. 

Wait for this to dry a bit before adding another coat.
I only added another coat to a couple of parts: The top opening 
and the bottom half of the bottle. 
That's only my preference but you do it the way you would like. :)

I added a little more glitter here and there and then using a paper funnel
and poured some glitter inside the bottle.

Use your discretion with how much you would like.  

 As soon as that part is finished...:

Just add a ribbon/bow of the color you wish...

..and stick your beautiful faux flower inside!

The flower that I bought did have a long stem 
but just trimmed that down with a pair of clippers.

There you go!
Be creative with this and have fun!


products i used:
Opera Rose acrylic paint: $3.39 | Single Wooden Rose: $1.00 (Walgreens) 


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