Friday, January 11, 2013

Freelance Friday!

Why, hello everyone!

Since I have been inspired to look more into freelancing, I thought I would share some tips I have found helpful.  Now let's see how long I keep this as I regular Friday post... Any wagers?

I've always been curious on how someone would start working in freelance design but it has always intimidated me a bit.  So to make sure that I don't get too overwhelmed and back out, here is a list that I put together of a few things that I need to do to get started.  I did some research to get ideas!

Here we go.

  • A portfolio website fit with a domain name. ✔
  • Make some promo cards. 
    • Why not business cards?  Well, I want to mail these to potential clients and promo cards can be about the size of a postcard.  Business cards are nice ...but too small for my idea.
    • The thing with promo cards have to make them stand out or it'll be mixed with the 'junk' mail... We don't want that. So I've been writing and sketching out some ideas and catchy sayings.  

    • What do you guys think?  Should these cards have a catchy saying on it?  Or just a wicked cool look? 

  • Make a list of potential clients.
    • I've only wrote down a few types of places I want to research.  I'll get more into specifics when I'm ready.

So far this is my list.. starting out small and hopefully in a few weeks, I'll be a bit closer!
I'll update you all next Friday on the progress.

Happy Friday!  Keep those goals in site and keep trying.


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