Wednesday, October 10, 2012

A Day in the Life of an Artist // Distractions.

Oh, my.  Even before I start this post, I am getting distracted.  Youtube.. I blame youtube.
Actually, I really like youtube.  It just doesn't help when I am getting caught up on my subscription box I also want to get some blog posts ready... or finish some paintings.

Anyway, a day in the life of an Artist; Distractions!  I'll start this series out by how I try to get through distractions day to day.

Normally on a regular week day, I usually want to paint or knit or some kind of creative work.  When I get home from work I usually don't want to do much at first.  I know; got to get over that but I am finding that there is not enough hours in a day to get things done. 

Or maybe there are just too many DISTRACTIONS.  
That's it. 

I try to stay organized.  I have a calendar in my phone where I put everything that I need to do in there.  The thing is I don't factor in youtube or facebook.  How to overcome these distractions?  I'm still trying to work that out.  

After work I usually just want to relax a bit and by the time I am ready to get to work (my 'unpaid job' i call it), I only have a couple of hours left before the time I should get to bed.  So, I set aside Saturday primarily for artwork and blog related ideas.  Doing this has helped but I am working on the whole distraction thing during the week.   This doesn't mean I don't work on things when I am home during the week.  I definitely try my best to work on as much as I can.  

This is what I do to try and over come distractions.  What are somethings you do?
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p.s.  I don't know if any of you watch Dancing with the Stars but I am conflicted this season.  Too... Many... Favorites. 

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