Friday, August 10, 2012

Artist Feature: Travel Write Draw - Meagan Morrison

One thing I said I would do with this blog was feature an artist once in awhile.  So I am starting this with someone whose blog I really enjoy reading.

Meagan Morrison

Travel Write Draw screen grab

Meagan over at Travel Write Draw is an illustrator and her use of color is pretty fantastic.  I love art with color.  Color pleases the eye!  I wish i could remember how I came about her blog but I can't.  It was right around the time that I started this blog but I'm not sure how.
the post about this illustration. 

Check out her page for some amazing fashion illustrations and some others illustrations here.

A bit of what her blog is about ...

"I’m a firm believer that we manifest our own destinies. We owe it to ourselves, even if only in private, to answer the question of what we want to do with our lives honestly. When I ignore all the pressures and criticisms in my head, I can see clearly what I long to do. Travel Write Draw isn’t just a blog, but a way of life. For me it’s a step towards building a life that I always dreamed I would have. So that my friends is what this blog is about; my true loves. I hope to inspire you, enlighten you, and maybe help you find what you love along the way." -From Travel Write Draw first post, linked in about me section.

If you or someone you know is an artist that would like to be featured in my little blog over here send me an email over at

stay creative.

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Meagan Morrison said...

Such a beautiful feature from such a special person! Thanks so much for your support always. You definitely make this a hugely rewarding and exciting experience xoxo