Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Exploring Color: How I handle it.

I LOVE color.  I've thought about designating one day a week to a post just on COLOR.  How great would that be?! Awesome, huh?  ...just me?  I'll even give it a way cool name and everything!

Anywho, haven't even started THIS post yet.

I think color is super, uber important.  Every artist, no matter what your medium, should have a color wheel.

It makes your life easier and eventually you'll be able to go without it.

Colors on the opposite of the color wheel is called "complementary" for a reason.  Those colors show the best in each other.  Even the muted tones, I tend to grab colors that are opposite each other.

Self portrait illustration
Mixing cool colors with warm can really tone done the warm colors. In the picture to the left, if I had gone with a yellow background (i like yellow), the project as a whole would not come across the way that it does.  There really wouldn't be a calming effect, at all. Which is what I wanted.

Pretty self explanatory, but I like talking about it.  Yay, color! Three cheers for color! Hooray! Hooray! Hooray!


Ignore me. 

How do you use color in your day to day life? Even if you aren't an artist, look at the color around you.  Especially in your home decor.  What kind of colors have you used in decorating your home/room?

 I've been on a blogging spree this week! I mean, every day so far! Not to shabby, huh?

Off to send out more resumes.  Peace. 

Be Creative!

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