Monday, March 12, 2012

A Designers Goals and Aspirations

I think everyone should take some time in their day and right down some goals and aspirations.  Especially if you are at the time of your life where Who Knows where you'll end up in a few months time.  At that career crossroads, or something similar.  

Here are a couple of my Goals & Aspirations.

•Full Time Graphic Designer Job
    –I've had the temporary slots.  I've done design work here and there for people. 
     What I want is a full time, get to the office and do design work.  
     Even if it's not completely 100%  creative.  I'm ok with that.

•Get my Art (design or fine) seen in a art gallery of some kind. 
   -I cannot fathom this, actually.  It's a goal, but oh would it be an "OMG" moment.

•Work for the Walt Disney World Company in some way, shape, or form. 
  -This can even be if I am retired, working in "Ye Olde Christmas Shop" in Magic Kingdom.  
    I'll take anything. [Although, to be an Imagineer...]

•Spread Love

The last one is self explanatory, I think.  

Now, even if you aren't a designer, write down your goals & aspirations.  Feel free to share in the comment section. I'll understand if you don't.  There's a couple that I am just keeping to my Book of Stuff.

What are your Goals & Aspirations?

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