Monday, February 20, 2012

Introducing the Artsy Fartsy Magazine... Kinda.

While flipping through magazines, my favorite part is looking at the layout and how it flows throughout.  I notice what makes a good magazine is if it flows nicely.  Using the same font throughout, combining things with shapes, and color schemes.

I have always found it fascinating how magazines are put together, so for this next project I have created a mock magazine cover.  You'll notice that I changed the color of this blog, well I took the idea from this.

As always, click the photo to view in a larger format. 

So, now.. Think of Artsy Fartsy as a magazine.  Let's just pretend. :) 


Oh, yeah!  Finally was able to get a new computer and I... Love... It.

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SymbioticLife said...

I'm liking it! I've often thought of making the leap from blog to e-zine land and this is exactly why. Btw, I just saw you're a Harry Potter nerd and I just posted some photos from a trip I made over the weekend. I got to see the flying car from Harry Potter. hehehe. Very cool.